Spanish Worksheets

Spanish worksheets are a great way for children to learn Spanish. We've got hundreds of Spanish worksheets for you, covering topics such as numbers, colors, locations and more.

Copy the words 'El parque' and draw a picture of the park.
FREE How many swings are there? How many slides are there?
Copy the words 'El café' and draw a picture of the cafe.
FREE Copy the names of the colours and colour the shapes.
FREE Draw the drinks. Choose and copy I like it/I don't like it, depending on whether you like each drink.
FREE Copy and complete the Spanish for Happy and Sad, depending on the faces shown.
Copy and complete the Spanish for Hot and Cold, depending on the drinks shown.
Copy the words 'La casa' and draw a picture of the house.
FREE Complete the sequences of numbers. Say the numbers out loud in Spanish.
Label the pictures as grande / pequeña / muy grande / muy pequeña.
Copy the words 'El zoo' and draw a picture of the zoo.
Mark the animals 1-8 in the order in which they appear in the video.
FREE Draw the animals in the boxes and copy the names of each.
Help the elephant out of the maze.
FREE Match the phrases to the big and small animals shown.
Copy the phrases for the animals shown. Draw your own big animal.
Draw a line to match the Spanish and English animal names. Draw each animal, and practise writing the Spanish words.
Count the elephants and write in the spaces how many there are each time.
Copy the words 'La clase' and draw a picture of the class.
FREE Copy and fill in the gaps, and write your own name.
Cut out the pictures and the name boxes. Match the disguised characters with the names, and copy the names.
FREE Write the colours of the pens and pencils.
Find out which item is missing.
Find out which item is missing.
Find out which item is missing.
Find out which item is missing.
Find out which item is missing.
Count the pens and pencils, and write the numbers in the spaces provided.
Find the listed family members in the puzzle. Copy the names in the spaces provided.
In the spaces provided, write the names of the items taken from the bag.
FREE Copy and complete the subtractions.
Copy and complete the sums.
FREE Write the body part names onto the girl. Draw yourself and label the body parts.
Copy the words 'El mercado' and draw a picture of the market.
FREE Copy and complete the fruit names and colours.
Count the apples. Fill in the gaps.
Draw the fruit and vegetables according to the numbers shown of each.
Copy the words 'La estación' and draw a picture of the station.
FREE Copy the sentences which describe the different vehicles.
Count the cars and bicycles. Fill in the gaps.
Fill in the gaps using the words at the bottom of the paper to help. Then copy the full sentences.
FREE Fill in the gaps, using the pictures and the words at the bottom of the sheet.
Copy the words 'La playa' and draw a picture of the beach.
FREE Count the balls and scarves. Fill in the gaps.
FREE Look at the pictures and use the phrases shown to fill in the gaps.
Copy the words 'El jardín' and draw a picture of the garden.
FREE Find the listed animals in the puzzle. Copy the names in the spaces provided.
In the spaces provided, write the names of the items taken from the bag.
FREE Fill in the hopscotch gaps with the numbers shown - in the correct sequence.
Copy the expressions
Copy the words 'La fiesta' and draw a picture of the party.
Match the song titles in bold with the lyric snippets.
FREE Count the birthday candles and fill in the gaps to say how old you are.
Decide if the lyrics are wrongly spelled (tick or cross) and write in the correct versions.
FREE Match the picture to the Spanish phrase
Compose an email by completing the sentences
Use this example to help compose your email
FREE Draw a picture of yourself. Copy the words to introduce yourself, using your own name!
FREE Fill in the gaps using the names shown, then invent names for the other three characters and repeat the process.
Fill in the gaps in the text which corresponds to the images of birthday cakes
FREE Complete the questions and answers.
FREE Write the correct command for each picture. The commands are: Sube (Go up), Baja (Go down), Bebe (Drink) and Come (Eat).
Complete the sentences and then create more pictures and sentences of your own.
FREE Circle the three blocks whose colors are listed. Then write down the colors of the other six blocks.
Write the names of the animals, and add two more of your own.
FREE Write out the names of the numbers.
Complete the sums.
FREE Write the names of the nine family members in the tree.
Draw the face of a family member for each word
Answer the questions! (The first one is done for you)
FREE Match each object with the place you would find it (Cine, Museo, Supermercado or Bar)
FREE Draw each of the drinks
Circle the three food items which are named. Check in the dictionary for the names of the five others and write them in the spaces provided.
FREE Match the images with the names of the rooms. Check in the dictionary for the names of the items and write them in the spaces provided.
Write the names of the rooms, and draw the missing room.
FREE Write the names of the months on the calendar.
Write what you see, following the example.
FREE Draw cars on the road. Then answer the question ¿Cuántos coches hay?
Answer the question by completing the gaps with the color on its own, with the color and the verb together, and with the color, verb and name of the transport vehicle shown.
Look at the images of big and small modes of transport. Write three sentences for each, using the examples shown as a guide.
Cross out the phrase which does NOT APPLY and label the items of clothing. You may need to use a dictionary.
Write in the names of the seasons and add 3 verbs which are appropriate for each. Use a dictionary. Example: Esquiar (Ski) for Winter.
Write sentences according to the images shown. The first one is done for you.
Unscramble the letters and color in the multicolored umbrella incorporating all the colors!
Write down what the images show, following the example.
Write down the numbers of brothers / sisters. Finally, draw a picture for 'Tengo cuatro hermanas y cuatro hermanos'
Name the countries represented by the flags shown. Use a dictionary to help.
Complete the sentences. Finally, draw your own picture and add sentences to match.
Practice 'Tengo' (I have) for each animal, following the example.
Use the information from the four ID cards to write three sentences for each. For example: Me llamo Mark; Soy de Argentina; Tengo seis años.
Draw a quick sketch of each animal listed, making sure it's either big or small according to the instruction given.
Find the countries in the puzzle.
Write the names and prices of the items under the picture
Unscramble the words below each image.
Identify and write as many food types as you can!
For each image of potatoes follow the format shown in the example: A. Seis B. Seis patatas C. Hay seis patatas (A. Six B. Six potatoes C. There are six potatoes).
Writes down precisely what you see, for example: 'Dos manzanas' (Two apples).
FREE Find the animals in the puzzle.
FREE List the animal names, then write out sentences as if each animal were your favorite. For example: A. Un cocodrilo B. Mi animal favorito es el cocodrilo.
Write sentences about the elephants shown, following the example given.
Write whether you like or do not like each animal.
Fill in the missing words to 'Old McDonald'.
Use a dictionary to check the names of the instruments you don't know, and write them down.
Write down how many of each type of instrument there are. For example 'Hay tres guitarras' (There are three guitars).
Mark the sentences as correct on incorrect, depending on whether they match the instruments. Where the sentence is incorrect provide the right sentence.
Answer the main questions and their follow-up questions. An example is given.
Name each room and label three items in each room. Use a dictionary to help.
Split the series of letters to form correct sentences.
Copy out the numbers and write the missing numbers in the spaces provided.
FREE Name the objects (answers on second page).
Color the glasses and write appropriate sentences.
Fill in the gaps. Follow the pattern to fully complete the last four clock times.
Write the names of the objects in Spanish AND English. Notice the similarities.
Write out the necessary words using the syllables below.
Write down the name of each object, using a dictionary if necessary.
Spell each of the items.
Make six 'verb flowers'. Use these verbs: Pintar, Bailar, Jugar, Cantar, Estar, Tener. Check in the dictionary where necessary.
Draw the facial feature as named beneath each ping pong ball. On the eighth ball, draw all the features!
FREE Fill in the gaps to name the animals. Stick to a 10 minute time limit!
Complete the conversations by using the images as prompts, following the example given.
Write the names of the drinks.
Complete and practice the dialogue.
FREE Do the crossword. The days need to be in Spanish of course!
Practice the conversation in pairs, then change the necessary words so that the answers apply to yourself.
Play battleships!
Name the colors and answer the questions.
Name the fruits.
Write down how many horses and what color they are.
Write a profile for each animal. Use as much language as you can!
Answer the questions, starting each answer with 'Tengo' or 'No tengo'.