300+ Spanish Printables for Kids

Spanish printables about 'Likes / Dislikes'

Spanish Printable: Email sheet
Compose an email by completing the sentences
Spanish Printable: Do you like?
FreeAsk the question and then answer it based on the images. The first one has been done for you
Spanish Printable: Expressions to copy
Write what you like doing above each picture. For example: Me gusta nadar (I like swimming)
Spanish Printable: Mock conversation
Practice the conversation in pairs, then change the necessary words so that the answers apply to yourself.
Spanish Printable: Conversation completion
Complete the conversation based on the information that's already there
Spanish Printable: Sports I like
Match the sentences with the images
Spanish Printable: Things I like doing
Match the sentences with the pictures and complete the last sentence
Spanish Printable: Opposites attract
Copy the words into the spaces below the pictures; copy the pictures into the spaces above the words
Spanish Printable: Happy and Sad
Use the Happy and Sad faces to say whether or not you like the food items shown
Spanish Printable: Favorite things
FreeInsert the verbs in the correct spaces and name your favorites in each category
Spanish Printable: ¿Te gusta la música?
FreeAnswer the main questions and their follow-up questions. An example is given.
Spanish Printable: Correct or incorrect?
FreeMark the sentences as correct on incorrect, depending on whether they match the instruments. Where the sentence is incorrect provide the right sentence.
Spanish Printable: Like or not?
Write whether you like or do not like each animal.
Spanish Printable: Spanish conversations 3
Use the example of Maggie to write conversations with the other Spanish children
Spanish Printable: ¿Qué te gusta?
Write down what the images show, starting with: "Me gusta bailar"
Spanish Printable: I like it/I don't like it
Draw the drinks. Choose and copy I like it/I don't like it, depending on whether you like each drink.