300+ Spanish Printables for Kids

Spanish printables about 'Commands'

Spanish Printable: Look or Listen?
Look or Listen? Choose the right options according to images and the examples given for help
Spanish Printable: Color the vehicles
Read the sentences and color in the vehicles accordingly
Spanish Printable: Command match
FreeMatch the commands with the appropriate images
Spanish Printable: I have a piano
Using the first conversation as your guide, finish the other three conversations
Spanish Printable: Practice 'Be careful!'
Write the word ¡Cuidado! under each image
Spanish Printable: Commands
Write the correct command for each picture. The commands are: Sube (Go up), Baja (Go down), Bebe (Drink) and Come (Eat).
Spanish Printable: Go up! Go down!
Follow the arrows to give the instructions: Go up! or Go down! Two examples have been done for you