300+ Spanish Printables for Kids

Spanish printables about 'Opposites'

Describing my pets
Say whether the pets are big or small by filling in the gaps. The first two examples are not quite complete so complete those first
Opposites attract
Copy the words into the spaces below the pictures; copy the pictures into the spaces above the words
Complete the song lyrics
Complete the song lyrics
The most
Who's the youngest or the happiest? Which is the shortest or the coldest? Fill in the gaps with the words in the box
Describing vehicles
Name each vehicle and say if it is big or not
Happy and Sad
Use the Happy and Sad faces to say whether or not you like the food items shown
I have / don't have
Use the examples to help you say what you have or don't have
Describe the animals
For the other animals shown, follow the formula in the example given
Hungry and Thirsty
Are you hungry or thirsty? Look at the images and write your answers
Colored monkeys
Monkeys! What color? Big or small? How many? Answer these questions in what you write, using the examples for help
Colder or hotter
Compare continents by saying which is hotter or colder depending on seasons
How big; how small (1)
Copy the correct phrases for each animal shown
How big; how small (2)
Match the phrases to the animals
I'm big! I'm small!
Use the examples as a guide as you say whether you are big or small!
Hot or cold?
Cross out the phrase which does NOT APPLY and label the items of clothing. You may need to use a dictionary.
Big and small
Look at the images of big and small modes of transport. Write three sentences for each, using the examples shown as a guide.
Big and small vehicles
Follow the examples with the helicopters to write about the other vehicles
From small to big
Example: A small piano; A piano; A big piano. Write the equivalents in Spanish depending on the images you see
I have / I don't have
Write whether or not the children shown have a book, using the examples for help
Mi casa
Label the pictures as grande / pequeña / muy grande / muy pequeña.
Hot and cold
Copy and complete the Spanish for Hot and Cold, depending on the images shown
Happy and sad
Copy and complete the Spanish for Happy and Sad, depending on the faces shown.