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Masculine & Feminine

FREE 'I want a/an', Name each of the objects shown
FREE Name the animals coming out of the hat then categorise them into farm and zoo animals
FREE Name the fruits.
FREE In the spaces provided, write the names of the items taken from the bag.
FREE Draw pictures of all the items coming out of the rucksack
FREE Spell each of the items.
FREE Name the items shown
FREE Write the names of the objects in Spanish AND English. Notice the similarities.
FREE Who's the youngest or the happiest? Which is the shortest or the coldest? Fill in the gaps with the words in the box
FREE Count the objects and fill in the gaps
FREE Depending on what you see write This or These in Spanish
FREE Split the series of letters to form correct sentences.
FREE Draw a picture, then write the name and age
FREE Copy and complete the fruit names and colors
FREE Find the animals in the puzzle.
FREE In the spaces provided, write the names of the items taken from the bag.
FREE Observe the example which lists the objects pictured. Then follow the same model for numbers 2-7
FREE Practice 'Tengo' (I have) for each animal, following the example.
FREE For the other animals shown, follow the formula in the example given
FREE Imagine Dino and Lupi pretending to be different animals. Complete the sentences
FREE Use the examples as a guide as you say whether you are big or small!
FREE Use the 1,2,3,4 answers given for the truck to write about the other vehicles
FREE Give each singer a name of your choice
FREE Look at the images of big and small modes of transport. Write three sentences for each, using the examples shown as a guide.
FREE Write the name of the clothing and its color, following the examples given in the first row
FREE Answer the question by completing the gaps with the color on its own, with the color and the verb together, and with the color, verb and name of the transport vehicle shown.
FREE Cross out the words which are incorrect
FREE Circle the three food items which are named. Check in the dictionary for the names of the five others and write them in the spaces provided.
FREE Names the fruits shown, using the examples for help
FREE Draw the face of a family member for each word
FREE Complete the conversation between Dino and Lupi