Announcement: Blended Classroom and Remote Learning

Share Speekee® videos, audio and worksheets with children learning remotely using Blended Classroom support.

Blended Classroom is an add-on to the Speekee® Spanish Scheme of Work, currently available at no additional cost. Email us on to activate Blended Classroom on your Scheme of Work.

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Note: Speekee® Scheme of Work is for teachers in primary schools. Homeschoolers please see FastTrack or Accelerate.


Teacher Feedback

The children at my school absolutely love Speekee and look forwards to their Spanish lesson each week.

Katy R.

Can't believe how much mileage each video has in it - amazing value and the children love it.

Veronica B.

The planning is very good. It has got all that the Curriculum is asking for. It's easy learning - and fun! With this programme you can feel that everyone can speak Spanish, and everyone can teach as well. The children even teach each other!

Lorena P.

Speekee is a really lovely and engaging way for young children to learn languages - I recommend it to you highly.

Suzi Bewell

Our main goal is to give our 1st through 4th graders a real life, practical, hands-on introduction to Spanish - and Speekee does that! The kids love watching the videos and interacting with the puppets and activities.

Melinda Vos

Speekee has made Spanish planning much easier and less time consuming.

Esther B.

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Item descriptionBuy now (£)Buy now ($)
Primary Spanish Scheme of Work - single school licence.
Covers all of KS1 and all of KS2
Reduced rate for schools with 100 or fewer pupils on roll.
1 and 3 year subscriptions available.
Online only - no physical products shipped to you.
Primary Spanish Scheme of Work - single school licence.
Covers all of KS1 and all of KS2
1 and 3 year subscriptions available.
Online only - no physical products shipped to you.

Please note: we are not VAT registered so there is no need to add VAT.

The Speekee® Spanish Scheme of Work requires a suitable internet connection and computer equipment. If you are not sure then please contact us to try before you buy.

Purchase Orders and Invoicing

We are pleased to accept Purchase Orders and to raise invoices to schools. Purchase Orders should be made out to 'Lingua4 Ltd'.

Please contact us by email or phone - please note that emails usually get the quickest response!

tel: +44 (0)113 815 4567


Getting started with the Speekee® Primary Spanish Scheme of Work

Speekee® is a comprehensive Scheme of Work and set of resources for primary Spanish. Here you'll find information about how to make the most of all your Speekee resources.

How to use Speekee
How to use Speekee

How to use Speekee's 398 lesson plans...

Long term planning
Long Term Planning

Lesson plans are organised online as a set of levels within Key Stages...

Screenshot of planning tool
Medium Term Planning

Follow the order of our suggested structured programmes, or choose your own plan...

Short term planning
Short Term Planning

Each of the 398 lesson plans in the Speekee Scheme of Work is set out in the same easy-to-use way...

Spanish Dictionary

Using the dictionary to target particular language...

Screenshot of themes
Spanish Themes

Find activities which relate to particular themes you are exploring...

Video thumbnails
Spanish Videos

The videos are shot in Spain, and all feature Spanish children speaking in their own authentic Spanish voices...

Maggie with thumbs up

Assessment tools for Spanish...

Example of how the Blended Classroom looks to students
Blended Classroom