Short Term Planning

What's in a lesson plan?

Each of the 398 lesson plans in the Speekee Scheme of Work is set out in the same easy-to-use way and provides all the resources you'll need to cover its learning outcomes including:

  • Navigational options so that you can see where the lesson plan fits into the current level.
  • The estimated time you will need to deliver the lesson.
  • A list of themes addressed by this lesson - click on each of the tagged themes to discover other related lessons.
  • A link to download the lesson plan as a .pdf file - for printing and your own records.
  • Comprehensive lesson notes.
  • A list of learning outcomes.
  • All the resources you need, such as video, downloads and interactive whiteboard activities.
  • A list of the key language covered in this lesson, with text and audio pronunciation guide.
Short term planning