Spanish ranks #2 in the world’s most spoken languages, behind English.

That makes Spanish the #1 new language for your child to learn.


So, we can say with 100% certainty that when it comes to learning Spanish, the sooner your child starts learning, the better.

You already know that your child is going to learn Spanish with you at home. What you need to find out now is how Spanish is going to fit best into your homeschool year.


Homeschooling takes less time than traditional classroom education. That's partly because you are the spark for your child's learning development; the one who is taking it in the right direction, not having to depend on teachers who are hampered by a standardized curriculum for all their pupils, regardless of their individual needs.

You are the one who knows what's best for your child and you find yourself in the enviable position of being able to pick and choose best-of content for subjects you select for your curriculum.

But the search for material online can be time consuming.

Now there's no need to look around the internet for Spanish resources anymore because at Speekee we've put together not just one but two complete Spanish homeschool curriculums for you, covering ages 4 to 11.


When you have time and freedom, you also have balance.

With that balance comes greater clarity and creativity (because there are fewer things clogging up the mind).

Our ready-made Spanish curriculums mean that time-consuming lesson planning has already been done for you. But we have deliberately left room for you to be flexible with parts of the lesson content, as we know passionate homeschoolers like to experiment and get creative.


My kids are 5 and 8 and they both like Speekee a lot... you can vary the levels by adding in more or less work for your kids. We really just love logging in and watching the movies over and over and over... Once you hear the songs you'll have them stuck in your head for a long time!

Karyn, Teach Beside Me (Homeschooler, 5,000,000 monthly Pinterest viewers)

So have fun customising our Spanish content for your child's unique learning needs, and experience the JOY to be found in learning.

Our Spanish lessons come packed with regular features but they also include suggestions for extending the learning indoors or outdoors – and the way you work these suggestions into your routine depends on how you and your child achieve most together, as a team.

You can learn at your own pace, or follow our weekly email lesson schedule across 40 weeks. Meanwhile, our flexible payment system even means you can dip in and out of Speekee whenever it suits.


Children LOVE learning from their peers.

We could go on and on about the benefits of children learning from other children - watching how their mouths move, laughing in response to laughing, learning about positive relationship development - but suffice it to say that real Spanish children ARE your child's Spanish teachers with Speekee.

This approach is practically unique in the world of language teaching for children.

Our young Spanish teachers – pictured below with Speekee the puppet - are the best guides your child could have on their Spanish learning journey. Tightly-scripted scenes are filmed in a studio and in the Spanish town where the children live, bringing authenticity and a unique Spanish cultural experience direct to your home!

Young Spanish teachers

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Structure is important for children in terms of regulating their own emotions, resisting impulses, and organizing their time. It’s an excellent means to develop life skills for now and for the future.

Children appreciate structure when it comes to learning, and language learning is no different.

We offer you and your child a step-by-step, coherent way of progressing through key Spanish content, with regular periods of revision. It's this approach we have always adopted at Speekee to ensure our young Spanish learners make sense of the Spanish they are learning, stay on point at all times and RETAIN the language going forward.


Spiraled Content – Speekee’s homeschool Spanish curriculums spiral content through the 40 weeks. Parents don’t have to worry about repeating and reviewing. The important language will be used again and again.

Jenny, Spanish Playground (680,000 monthly Pinterest viewers)


You are no longer a peripheral figure when it comes to your child's education.

And as a homeschooler you know that when you relax and have fun with your child, learning new things comes easily and quickly. That connection is beautiful and is tailor made for raising a smart child!

We’ve crammed so many original and fun learning activities into our Spanish homeschool curriculums and we are sure:

  1. with your help, and with help from Speekee, your child is going to out-perform other children of their age who are also learning Spanish
  2. you are both going to have a great time learning!

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  • Two weeks free with every plan
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  • All plans include FastTrack, Accelerate, TV and Play
  • Secure subscription with credit card or PayPal
  • Simple monthly payment of $7.50


Speekee will have young children understanding and speaking simple Spanish in no time... Speekee is everything that a language instructional tool for young children should be.

Gerald Erichsen – Expert on the Spanish language


Back in 2007 we looked at the most important Spanish words a child can learn and then carefully built a homeschool curriculum to fit around all the key vocabulary we had selected. We called that Spanish homeschool curriculum FastTrack.


I was mostly interested in FastTrack, which is a 40 week homeschool Spanish program with lessons! I figured we could review it for a month or so and then put it away for another year. Boy was I wrong. There’s going to be NO putting it away, the kids LOVE it! Seriously, these two beg for the daily lessons.

Carisa, 1plus1equals1 (Homeschooler; 44,000 Facebook followers; 2,700,000 monthly Pinterest viewers)

--- FastTrack is full of different types of resources that stimulate fast and effective Spanish learning for your child ---


I loved that the [Speekee] program offers a FastTrack schedule for homeschool users. There are accompanying videos, flashcards, worksheets, and activity ideas for 5 days throughout each of the 40 weeks listed on the schedule. Honestly, if each family did every activity listed on the schedule, I have no doubt that the kids would have a very firm grip on their Spanish!

Jenn, RealandQuirky (Wife and SAHM to 5 kids in Fort Worth)

It's not just about VOCABULARY when you learn Spanish; it's also about how you can link that vocabulary together to form sentences for EFFECTIVE CONVERSATION. That's where we come in!


Most Spanish programs do a good job at teaching vocab, but not such a great job [as Speekee] at teaching how to use those words in sentences.

Erica, confessionsofahomeschooler (Homeschooler; 76,000 Facebook Likes; 900,000 monthly Pinterest viewers)

Speekee® FastTrack. Homeschool Spanish curriculum for children aged 4 - 7.

Confidently homeschool Spanish with a minimum of preparation time by using our fully resourced, structured and flexible curriculum.

Children are engaged by the range of teaching material, designed to meet the needs of individual learning styles.

Your child develops listening, speaking, reading and writing skills using Spanish language and grammar appropriate for real life communication.


Dino and Lupi sketch

Dino: ¡Mira! (Look!) Dino: Soy muy grande (I’m very big) Lupi: Un león mu.....

Review 'El café'

Play the whole of 'El café' again. You can review the language content in a.....


After FastTrack in 2007 came Accelerate in 2013. So we now guide young Spanish learners through their homeschooling years from ages 4-11.

Accelerate works as a standalone year-long curriculum suiting homeschoolers of children aged 8+; it also complements FastTrack if you want to move seamlessly from one curriculum to the next.


Accelerate teaches quite a bit of vocabulary, but it continues to do so in a conversational, immersion style. There are occasional grammatical explanations within the lesson plans, but this is not a grammar-based course.

Older children can start with the Accelerate course. It teaches the same vocabulary as does FastTrack but more quickly. It also incorporates the vocabulary into complete sentences so that children can begin to carry on rudimentary conversations in Spanish.

Cathy Duffy Reviews (The world's premiere site for homeschool reviews)

Speekee® Accelerate. Homeschool Spanish curriculum for children aged 8+.

Older children love learning Spanish with Speekee® Accelerate.

A 40-week structured program for Spanish. View lesson plans online, or have them emailed to you once per week.


Be a flower

The video clip shows Julia reading out the next clue, which ends with quest.....

Hot, hot, hot!

In the video clip Ana Belén reacts to the temperature changes.Hide these it.....


Total Spanish Immersion is the way.

There's an error in Spanish teaching which often goes unrecognised: translating from Spanish into English.

To learn the word for apple in Spanish – manzana – it's far better to see an image of the apple and hear its Spanish name than to be told: apple equals manzana.

To get the Spanish to ‘stick’, the combination of visual prompts and Spanish beats a direct translation every time!


I've always heard that immersion is the best way to teach and learn a foreign language and you get that with Speekee. Everything is in Spanish with subtitles in both Spanish and English, so that kids (well, those who are reading) and their parents know what’s being said, but they’re hearing it only in Spanish and getting the concept based on the setting.

Kris of Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers (Homeschooler; 36,000 Facebook likes)

You get FastTrack and Accelerate for $7.50 a month. But that's not all. To help consolidate your child's Spanish learning we also include Speekee TV and Speekee Play for the same price! Speekee TV is a home for all the Spanish videos and songs, while Speekee Play is a totally interactive, totally safe 'virtual world' in which your child can play games, take challenges and interact with other children in Spanish.

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  • All plans include FastTrack, Accelerate, TV and Play
  • Secure subscription with credit card or PayPal
  • Simple monthly payment of $7.50


Our opinion of this product is that it is an amazing way to teach Spanish to children without frustration, and I would recommend it to all parents for children 2-12. It's a simple way to learn Spanish and it draws the children in, the songs and videos are very catchy and not only would the kids randomly start singing or saying some of the songs, I even found myself reciting some of the videos as well. I often overhear the boys having conversations with each other using Spanish now, and Anthony has been drinking with a straw saying 'Me gusta' (just like they do in the video) for 2 weeks now.