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Working with homeschoolers for over ten years, we are proud that Speekee's homeschool curricula for Spanish have been tried and tested by thousands of homeschoolers.

If you need a homeschool curriculum for a child aged 4 - 7, try Speekee® FastTrack. For children aged 8+, Speekee® Accelerate is the right option.

Speekee® FastTrack. Homeschool Spanish curriculum for children aged 4 - 7.

Confidently homeschool Spanish with a minimum of preparation time by using our fully resourced, structured and flexible curriculum.

Children are engaged by the range of teaching material, designed to meet the needs of individual learning styles.

Your child develops listening, speaking, reading and writing skills using Spanish language and grammar appropriate for real life communication.

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Dino and Lupi sketch

Dino: ¡Mira! (Look!) Dino: Soy muy grande (I’m very big) Lupi: Un león mu.....

Review 'El café'

Play the whole of 'El café' again. You can review the language content in a.....

Speekee® Accelerate. Homeschool Spanish curriculum for children aged 8+.

Older children love learning Spanish with Speekee® Accelerate.

A 40-week structured program for Spanish. View lesson plans online, or have them emailed to you once per week.

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Be a flower

The video clip shows Julia reading out the next clue, which ends with quest.....

Hot, hot, hot!

In the video clip Ana Belén reacts to the temperature changes.Hide these it.....

FastTrack and Accelerate are structured specifically for homeschoolers, so planning your homeschool curriculum for Spanish is easy:

  • All plans have a no-obligation free trial
  • After that it's just $7.50 per month. Cancel at any time
  • 40 week programs, with 4 structured activities per week
  • Optionally receive one email per week with your activities
  • Video, songs and homeschool activities
  • FastTrack: for children aged 4 - 7
  • Accelerate: for children aged 8+
  • See what other homeschoolers say about FastTrack with these homeschool curriculum reviews