300+ Spanish Printables for Kids

Spanish printables about 'Animals'

Spanish Printable: Animal profiles
Write a profile for each animal. Use as much language as you can!
Spanish Printable: Describe the animal
Look at the example three sentences for the lion. Use those as a model for all the other animals you see
Spanish Printable: Out of the hat
Name the animals coming out of the hat then categorise them into farm and zoo animals
Spanish Printable: What color are the horses
Write down how many horses and what color they are.
Spanish Printable: Animal anagrams
Animal anagrams. Also draw pictures of the missing animals
Spanish Printable: Family wordsearch
Find the listed animals in the wordsearch
Spanish Printable: Draw in the animals
Complete the flashcards with images according to the numbers of animals given
Spanish Printable: Describing my pets
Say whether the pets are big or small by filling in the gaps. The first two examples are not quite complete so complete those first
Spanish Printable: Name the animals
Fill in the gaps to name the animals. Stick to a 10 minute time limit!
Spanish Printable: My favorite animal
Name you favorite animal, draw it and then answer the questions about it
Spanish Printable: Old McDonald
Fill in the missing words to 'Old McDonald'.
Spanish Printable: Like or not?
Write whether you like or do not like each animal.
Spanish Printable: Starting letters
Write the name of at least one animal whose first letter is given for you
Spanish Printable: Unlikely elephants
Write sentences about the elephants shown, following the example given.
Spanish Printable: Favorite animals
List the animal names, then write out sentences as if each animal were your favorite. For example: A. Un cocodrilo B. Mi animal favorito es el cocodrilo.
Spanish Printable: Animal wordsearch
Find the animals in the puzzle.
Spanish Printable: Animal syllables
FreeBreak up each animal name into its component syllables. Use the examples if you need help
Spanish Printable: Drawing animals
Draw a quick sketch of each animal listed, making sure it's either big or small according to the instruction given.
Spanish Printable: Tengo
Practice 'Tengo' (I have) for each animal, following the example.
Spanish Printable: Describe the animals
For the other animals shown, follow the formula in the example given
Spanish Printable: Count the elephants
Count the elephants and write in the spaces how many there are each time.
Spanish Printable: Colored monkeys
Monkeys! What color? Big or small? How many? Answer these questions in what you write, using the examples for help
Spanish Printable: Spanish animal sounds
Animals and the sounds they make to Spanish ears. Color the animals
Spanish Printable: Spotting similarities
Draw a line to match the Spanish and English animal names. Draw each animal, and practise writing the Spanish words.
Spanish Printable: Point to the animals
Point to the animals according to the appropriate questions. Say where each one is. Use the example to help you
Spanish Printable: Dino and Lupi pretend
Imagine Dino and Lupi pretending to be different animals. Complete the sentences
Spanish Printable: How big; how small (1)
FreeCopy the correct phrases for each animal shown
Spanish Printable: How big; how small (2)
Match the phrases to the animals
Spanish Printable: Name the zoo animals
Name the zoo animals shown and color them in
Spanish Printable: Animal maze
Help the elephant out of the maze.
Spanish Printable: Draw the animals
Draw the animals in the boxes and copy the names of each
Spanish Printable: Animal names
Mark the animals 1-8 in the order in which they appear in the video
Spanish Printable: Animal drawings
Each box has a title. Draw what that title says
Spanish Printable: What is it?
Write the names of the animals, and add two more of your own.