300+ Spanish Printables for Kids

Spanish printables about 'Family'

Spanish Printable: Email sheet
Use this example to help compose your email
Spanish Printable: Mock conversation
Practice the conversation in pairs, then change the necessary words so that the answers apply to yourself.
Spanish Printable: Conversation completion
Complete the conversation based on the information that's already there
Spanish Printable: Opposites attract
Copy the words into the spaces below the pictures; copy the pictures into the spaces above the words
Spanish Printable: Fan categories
Write six words for each category in each Spanish fan
Spanish Printable: Family wordsearch
Find the listed family members in the puzzle. Copy the names in the spaces provided.
Spanish Printable: Word categories
Put the names of things in the boxes which correspond
Spanish Printable: How many brothers and sisters have you got?
Write down the numbers of brothers / sisters. Finally, draw a picture for 'Tengo cuatro hermanas y cuatro hermanos'
Spanish Printable: Meet the family
Free1. Write the names of family members in Spanish 2. Add 'My' in front of each one 3. Say what each one's name is
Spanish Printable: Family members quiz
Answer the questions! (The first one is done for you)
Spanish Printable: Family faces
Draw the face of a family member for each word
Spanish Printable: Family tree
Write the names of the nine family members in the tree.
Spanish Printable: Ana Belen's relatives
Name each of Ana Belen's relatives based on what you saw in the video clip