300+ Spanish Printables for Kids

Spanish printables about 'Colors'

Describe the people
Write three sentences if you can for each person pictured
Describe the animal
Look at the example three sentences for the lion. Use those as a model for all the other animals you see
What color are the horses
Write down how many horses and what color they are.
Count the balloons
Count the balloons and write how many of each color there are. The first example is done for you
Choose the right color
Check the example first before filling in all the gaps
What colors are the yo-yos?
Name the colors and answer the questions.
Coloring practice
Color in the boy using the colors shown, ticking them off as you go
Colored hands and feet
Describe the colored hands and feet (two examples have been done for you). Then do some examples of your own
Color the flags
Color the flags according to the number codes at the bottom of the page
Fanned themes
Name 5 things for each theme, following the example given
Shaping up
Depending on the shapes, ticks and crosses you see, simply follow the example
Opposites attract
Copy the words into the spaces below the pictures; copy the pictures into the spaces above the words
Favorite colors
Only one color is the favorite! Use the example for help
Fan categories
Write six words for each category in each Spanish fan
Color the glasses
Color the glasses and write appropriate sentences. One of the examples has been completed for you
Coloured vehicles
Copy the sentences. They describe the different vehicles
Color the vehicles
Read the sentences and color in the vehicles accordingly
Antonio's cars
Which cars belong to Antonio? Examples are given for help
Drum practice
Without repeating the exact same combination of words, write about each drum image
Color the fruit and vegetables
Color the fruit and vegetables according to their numbers
Unlikely elephants
Write sentences about the elephants shown, following the example given.
Fruit colours
Copy and complete the fruit names and colors
Blue, black and red
Write the colors of the pens and pencils
Colored classroom items
Color in the unnamed classroom items with the named colors
Colored monkeys
Monkeys! What color? Big or small? How many? Answer these questions in what you write, using the examples for help
My favorite color
Name the colors and say which is your favorite
Spanish animal sounds
Animals and the sounds they make to Spanish ears. Color the animals
Color anagrams
Unscramble the letters and color in the multicolored umbrella incorporating all the colors!
Name the zoo animals
Name the zoo animals shown and color them in
Vehicle descriptions
Use the 1,2,3,4 answers given for the truck to write about the other vehicles
Colored clothing
Write the name of the clothing and its color, following the examples given in the first row
¿De qué color es?
Answer the question by completing the gaps with the color on its own, with the color and the verb together, and with the color, verb and name of the transport vehicle shown.
Coloring worksheet
Color in the house
Animal drawings
Each box has a title. Draw what that title says
Billiard balls
Name each color and number
Coloring worksheet
Color in the cafe scene
Coloring worksheet
Color the apples green or red. Name each colors and how many apples are shown. Example: Verde, Dos (Green, Two)
Copy the names of the colors and color the shapes
Circle the three blocks whose colors are listed. Then write down the colors of the other six blocks.
Color combinations
Name all the colors
Coloring worksheet
Color each object red, yellow, or green. Write those colors in Spanish in the spaces provided
Coloring worksheet
Color in each car
Coloring worksheet
Color in Dino and Lupi