300+ Spanish Printables for Kids

Spanish printables about 'Naming things'

Spanish Printable: Speedy Speekee Spanish!
Draw and name as many things in Spanish as you can in 5 minutes!
Spanish Printable: Name 9 objects of your choice
FreeName 9 objects coming out of the rucksack and draw them too
Spanish Printable: What color are the horses
Write down how many horses and what color they are.
Spanish Printable: Fruits
Name the fruits.
Spanish Printable: What's in the bag?
In the spaces provided, write the names of the items taken from the bag.
Spanish Printable: Draw in the animals
Complete the flashcards with images according to the numbers of animals given
Spanish Printable: Draw the pictures
Draw pictures of all the items coming out of the rucksack
Spanish Printable: ¿Cómo se escribe ____?
Spell each of the items.
Spanish Printable: Silhouettes
FreeWrite down the name of each object, using a dictionary if necessary.
Spanish Printable: Name the items
Name the items shown
Spanish Printable: Spanish Cognates
FreeWrite the names of the objects in Spanish AND English. Notice the similarities.
Spanish Printable: I want a ...
Look at the pictures and use the phrases shown to fill in the gaps.
Spanish Printable: Describing vehicles
FreeName each vehicle and say if it is big or not
Spanish Printable: Up and down with Snakes and Ladders
FreeWrite a different Spanish word in every box and then play Snakes and Ladders!
Spanish Printable: Is it a bus?
Fill in the gaps using the words at the bottom of the paper to help. Then copy the full sentences.
Spanish Printable: Color the glasses
Color the glasses and write appropriate sentences. One of the examples has been completed for you
Spanish Printable: Coloured vehicles
Copy the sentences. They describe the different vehicles
Spanish Printable: What's in the room?
There are two or three items numbered in each room. Name them
Spanish Printable: Name the objects
FreeName all the objects shown. Two examples have been done for you
Spanish Printable: Color the vehicles
Read the sentences and color in the vehicles accordingly
Spanish Printable: Spelling rooms
Name each room and label three items in each room. Use a dictionary to help.
Spanish Printable: Drum practice
Without repeating the exact same combination of words, write about each drum image
Spanish Printable: ¿Qué instrumento es?
Use a dictionary to check the names of the instruments you don't know, and write them down.
Spanish Printable: Name the foods
Name the food items arrowed
Spanish Printable: Fruit count
Follow the example given for all the other fruits
Spanish Printable: Fruit colours
Copy and complete the fruit names and colors
Spanish Printable: What's in the bag?
In the spaces provided, write the names of the items taken from the bag.
Spanish Printable: Anything else? Yes!
FreeObserve the example which lists the objects pictured. Then follow the same model for numbers 2-7
Spanish Printable: Spotting similarities
Draw a line to match the Spanish and English animal names. Draw each animal, and practise writing the Spanish words.
Spanish Printable: Name the zoo animals
Name the zoo animals shown and color them in
Spanish Printable: Draw the animals
Draw the animals in the boxes and copy the names of each
Spanish Printable: Animal names
Mark the animals 1-8 in the order in which they appear in the video
Spanish Printable: From small to big
Example: A small piano; A piano; A big piano. Write the equivalents in Spanish depending on the images you see
Spanish Printable: Meet the family
Free1. Write the names of family members in Spanish 2. Add 'My' in front of each one 3. Say what each one's name is
Spanish Printable: I have / I don't have
Write whether or not the children shown have a book, using the examples for help
Spanish Printable: Shapes
Write what you see, following the example.
Spanish Printable: Name the clothes
Name the items of clothing. Each is preceeded by Tengo (I have)
Spanish Printable: ¿Qué es?
Circle the three food items which are named. Check in the dictionary for the names of the five others and write them in the spaces provided.
Spanish Printable: Name the fruits
Names the fruits shown, using the examples for help
Spanish Printable: Counting up objects in Spanish
Copy the words describing how many of each thing you see