300+ Spanish Printables for Kids

Spanish printables about 'Greetings'

Spanish Printable: Mock conversation
Practice the conversation in pairs, then change the necessary words so that the answers apply to yourself.
Spanish Printable: Conversation completion
Complete the conversation based on the information that's already there
Spanish Printable: Brief interviews
Fill in the gaps using the words in the box
Spanish Printable: Sentence match
Copy the sentences and match them to the right images
Spanish Printable: Spanish conversations
Use the example of Maggie (at the top) to write conversations with the other Spanish children
Spanish Printable: Waiter, waiter!
What drinks is the waiter serving? Follow the example given to complete the conversations
Spanish Printable: Match up the Spanish and English expressions
Match up the Spanish and English expressions
Spanish Printable: Copy the conversation
Copy the conversation between Dino and Lupi
Spanish Printable: Maggie and Aitana
Copy the dialogue inside the box
Spanish Printable: Names: fill in the gaps
FreeFill in the gaps using the names shown, then invent names for the other three characters and repeat the process.
Spanish Printable: Introductions
Draw a picture of yourself. Copy the words to introduce yourself, using your own name!
Spanish Printable: Simple Spanish conversation
Complete the conversation between Dino and Lupi
Spanish Printable: Goodbyes
Fill each speech bubble with a Spanish goodbye
Spanish Printable: Spanish greetings
Write the greeting which fits each time of day shown in the images
Spanish Printable: Everyone says Hello
Each Speekee character says hello in Spanish. Fill in the gaps
Spanish Printable: Meet the Spanish children
Copy the names of the Spanish children