300+ Spanish Printables for Kids

Spanish printables about 'Feelings'

Spanish Printable: Complete the conversation
Complete the Dino and Lupi conversation
Spanish Printable: Doctor, Doctor
Match the picture to the Spanish phrase
Spanish Printable: Complete the song lyrics
FreeComplete the song lyrics
Spanish Printable: I have a present for you
The first example is almost complete. Once you complete it you can continue with the other three conversations
Spanish Printable: Dino and Lupi chat
Complete the dialogue you heard in the video between Dino and Lupi
Spanish Printable: Hot or cold?
FreeCross out the phrase which does NOT APPLY and label the items of clothing. You may need to use a dictionary.
Spanish Printable: Happy and sad
Copy and complete the Spanish for Happy and Sad, depending on the faces shown.
Spanish Printable: Smiley faces
FreeComplete the questions and answers.
Spanish Printable: Copy the conversation
Copy the conversation between Dino and Lupi
Spanish Printable: Copy the text
Copy the text in the spaces provided
Spanish Printable: Very well in Spanish
Write 'Muy bien' or 'No muy bien' according to the faces shown