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Food & Drink

FREE Name the fruits.
FREE Use the images to help you decipher the anagrams
FREE Complete and practice the dialogue.
FREE Find all the foods listed!
FREE Write the names of the drinks.
FREE Complete the conversations by using the images as prompts, following the example given.
FREE Each food type is numbered but where does it fit on the menu? Is it a starter, main dish, or dessert?
FREE Match the food and drinks on the menu with images to the right
FREE Name 5 things for each theme, following the example given
FREE Name the ice cream flavors in the order they appear. Follow the example given
FREE Write six words for each category in each Spanish fan
FREE Use the Happy and Sad faces to say whether or not you like the food items shown
FREE First match the ingredients with the pictures. Then copy out the dialogue which begins ¿Quieres un poco? (Do you want a bit?)
FREE Let's see! What is each person holding on their tray? An apple perhaps? Or maybe three oranges...
FREE Draw the fruit and vegetables according to the numbers shown of each.
FREE Six bags, but what's in each? Use the example for help
FREE Six bags, but what's in each? Use the example for help
FREE Write out the order of the images shown for potato, apple and orange combinations. An example is given
FREE Look at the images before completing the conversations. One conversation has been completed for you
FREE Count the apples. Fill in the gaps.
FREE Name the food items arrowed
FREE Complete the lyrics for the song
FREE Follow the example given for all the other fruits
FREE Copy and complete the fruit names and colors
FREE Write down precisely what you see, for example: 'Dos manzanas' (Two apples).
FREE Look at items in the shopping cart. What is their total price?
FREE For each image of potatoes follow the format shown in the example: A. Seis B. Seis patatas C. Hay seis patatas (A. Six B. Six potatoes C. There are six potatoes).
FREE Identify and write as many food types as you can!
FREE Unscramble the words below each image.
FREE Write the name of the food or drink and its price (an example is given)
FREE Write the names and prices of the items under the picture
FREE Put the names of things in the boxes which correspond
FREE Complete the sentences. Finally, draw your own picture and add sentences to match.
FREE Are you hungry or thirsty? Look at the images and write your answers
FREE Circle the three food items which are named. Check in the dictionary for the names of the five others and write them in the spaces provided.
FREE Draw each of the drinks
FREE Names the fruits shown, using the examples for help
FREE What drinks is the waiter serving? Follow the example given to complete the conversations
FREE Write how many oranges are shown in each image. Example: Dos naranjas (Two oranges)
FREE Write A little (Un poco) or A lot (Mucho) depending on the drinks shown
FREE Follow the arrows and draw the fruits as you go. Two examples have been done for you
FREE Orange juices, glasses of milk and glasses of water. Say how many of each are shown. Example: Un vaso de leche (A glass of milk)
FREE Complete the conversation between Dino and Lupi
FREE Identify the drinks and write how many of each you see. Two examples have been done for you
FREE Color in the cafe scene
FREE Color the apples green or red. Name each colors and how many apples are shown. Example: Verde, Dos (Green, Two)
FREE Draw the drinks. Choose and copy I like it/I don't like it, depending on whether you like each drink.