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Primary Spanish Scheme of Work Home

Fulfils all requirements of KS2 MFL curriculum with comprehensive Scheme of Work.

Confidently teach Spanish with 350 lesson plans and supporting resources.

Children are engaged by 40 videos featuring real Spanish children in real Spanish locations.

Natural success through accelerated learning methodology.

Children gain accurate pronunciation and intonation through immersion in Spanish language.

Develops listening, speaking, reading and writing skills using appropriate Spanish language and grammar.

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Spanish Scheme of Work.
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Spanish Scheme of Work.
1, 2 and 3 year subscriptions available. Unlimited staff users.
Online only - no physical products shipped to you.
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The Speekee® Spanish Scheme of Work requires a suitable internet connection and computer equipment. If you are not sure then please contact us to try before you buy.


Primary language coordinator and consultant Lisa Stevens says:

Speekee is a brilliant resources. Why? Learners love it - the little ones love the fluffy characters and songs whilst the older KS1 learners like to see 'real' Spanish children and compare the places with where we live. They readily join in and ask for the songs to be repeated over and over! Non-specialists love it thanks to the oodles of support it offers them.

The DVDs and sound files do the 'hard bit' so the teacher doesn't need to worry about their pronunciation, and it's fun so engages the learners. And MFL coordinators love it because the comprehensive Scheme of Work and constant new ideas that are shared through the blog and via email updates mean they don't have to reinvent the wheel, but can add their own touches to make it especially perfect for their learners. And the best thing? Spanish becomes everyone's favourite subject!

The planning is very good. It has got all that the Curriculum is asking for. It's easy learning - and fun! With this programme you can feel that everyone can speak Spanish, and everyone can teach as well. The children even teach each other!" (Lorena, Primary Spanish Teacher, UK)

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Jim Porter
Jim Porter, Speekee's Academic Director, has led the development of the Speekee Scheme of Work since 2007. Have you got a question for Jim? Email him on Contact Jim