Level 14 - Sounds

About this level

Level 14's focus is primarily on musical instruments. In the 12 minute episode the verb 'have' is also a feature, and often combines with the instruments themselves to form questions and answers, such as "Has she got a trumpet?" or "I've got a guitar".

Learning outcomes in this level

Learning outcomesActivities
I can name various instruments
I can ask someone what instrument they have got
I can say what someone has got
I can say what I have got
I can ask how many of something there are
I can say how many of something there are
I can say what instrument I like playing
I can ask someone if they like music

Activities in this level

ActivityTime required
1. Watch the episode (Sounds) 10 - 15 minutes
2. Listen 5 - 10 minutes
3. Name the instrument 10 - 15 minutes
4. I have got a piano 15 - 20 minutes
5. How many guitars? 15 - 20 minutes
6. Musical mimes 10 - 15 minutes
7. Do you like music? 10 - 15 minutes
8. Level 14 revision 15 - 20 minutes
9. Review Sounds 10 - 15 minutes

Key language in this level

¿Cuántas guitarras hay?¿kwantass ghiytahr-rass ay?How many guitars are there?
¿Qué instrumento tiene?¿keh eenstroomentoh tyeneh?What instrument has he/she got?
¿Te gusta la música?¿teh goostah la moosikah?Do you like music?
Hay tres guitarrasay tress ghiytahr-rassThere are three guitars
Me gusta tocar la trompetameh goostah tokahr lah trompehtahI like playing the trumpet
Tengo un pianotehngoh oon peeyahnohI've got a piano
Tiene un pianoteeyehneh oon peeyahnohHe/she has got a piano
Un pianooon peeyanohA piano
Un tamboroon tambohrA drum
Una flautaoonah flahwtahA recorder
Una guitarraoonah ghiytahr-rahA guitar
Una trompetaoonah trompehtahA trumpet