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Speekee® Accelerate is a homeschool Spanish curriculum for children aged 8+

Confidently homeschool Spanish with a minimum of preparation time needed by using our fully resourced, structured and flexible curriculum.

Children are engaged by the range of teaching material, designed to meet the needs of individual learning styles.

Your child develops listening, speaking, reading and writing skills using Spanish language and grammar appropriate for real life communication.

Week 1

Watch the episode (Introductions)

This first level is all about saying hello and goodbye, introducing yoursel.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Friends


In the video clip all the Spanish children wave and say "Hola" (Hello). Th.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Saying Hello


The video clip shows Joe, who lives in Spain, saying goodbye to each of his.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Saying Goodbye


In the video clip some of the Spanish children introduce themselves. In Sp.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: My name is ____

Week 2

Names Q & A

The video clip from the previous activity is repeated for this one. In Sp.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: What's your name?

Birthday cards

In the video clip we learn the ages of some of the Spanish children. PART .....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: How old are you?

Number decorating

The video clip highlights ages again. PART TWO. These are the numbers 1-12.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: I am ___ years old

Level 1 revision

You can put the information together from Level 1 to form simple but inform.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Friends

Week 3

Watch the episode (Friends)

This level is about friendship and it features the Spanish children playing.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Conectados

Ups and downs

The video clip shows some of the Spanish children climbing up and sliding d.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Go up / Go down

Smiley faces

In the video clip, Dani and Ana Belén arrange to meet at the park. Your c.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: How are you?

Uno, dos, tres, cuatro

Dani does some simple sums in the video clip. Your child draws and decorat.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Uno, dos, tres, cuatro

Week 4

Eating and drinking

Video clip: the Spanish children stop playing and have a refreshment break......Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Eat / Drink


Video clip: where is Ana Belén standing? Between the trees! Stand in fron.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Positioning


Video clip: Dani and Victoriano are throwing a frisbee In the video clip y.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Throwing

Level 2 revision

Recap the language learned in this level by getting your child to make 'lis.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Conectados

Week 5

Watch the episode (Art)

Level 3 provides simple key language associated with art. This episode (13 .....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Art Auction

Three colors

Video clip: mixing some colors on a paint palette. Introduce the three col.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Blue / Red / Yellow

Color by numbers

Video clip: mixing more colors on a paint palette. Download the 'color by .....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Black / White / Green

What is it?

In the video clip Ana Belén is talking to Maggie about her painting. Firs.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: What is it?

Week 6


In the video clip: Joe is the auctioneer interacting with the bidders.For t.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Numbers

Frequency graphs

Video clip: Joe calls out the same numbers again. Present the new numbers .....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Numbers

It all adds up

The video clip shows Victoriano winning the painting.Present the new number.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Numbers

Level 3 revision

Your child writes down as many words and/or phrases as they can remember fr.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Art Auction

Week 7

Watch the episode (Family)

This level is about the family and the video episode lasts 15 minutes. It i.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Family

Family photos

Video clip: some of the Spanish children make a family tree out of real bra.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Family members

Family tree

Part of the previous video clip is repeated to reinforce the names of famil.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: More family members

Dictionary order

Your child practices writing all the names of the family members they have .....

Week 8

Who's who in the family?

In the video clip Ana Belén and Dani test each other on who's who in a fam.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Who's who

Town map (1)

In the video clip Susana visits the city park.PART ONE. Download the simple.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Park

Town map (2)

Video clip: Susana visits more places in her city.PART TWO. The town map ha.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Town places

Level 4 revision

Communication in language is largely based on question and answer. Here are.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Family

Week 9

Watch the episode (School day)

Level 6 takes in the school day. This episode lasts 16 minutes and follows .....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: School Day

Splat the drinks

In the video clip Joe looks in the fridge at breakfast time. What drinks ar.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Drinks

The taste test

Video clip: Joe and Maggie eating.Use 'realia' (real things!) for this acti.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: She is drinking


In the video clip Joe is frantically looking around the house for his shoes.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Rooms

Week 10

The missing room

The video clip from the previous activity is repeated for this one.Download.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Rooms

Birthday wheels

The video clip shows the children in Maggie's class at school saying when t.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Months

Lolly sticks

Video clip: Joe and his classmates present different shapes.Vocabulary: Cí.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Colored shapes

Level 5 revision

Practice a selection of the language learned in this level - and other leve.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: School Day

Week 11

Watch the episode (Day out)

This level looks mainly at colors, modes of transport, and comparing sizes......Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Day Out

Transport flashcards

The video clip features Joe pointing to different modes of transport.First .....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Modes of transport

Count the cars

Download the worksheet for your child. They draw in as many cars as they li.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Cars

Transport colors

Video clip: about modes of transport again.Show your child images of differ.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Modes of transport

Week 12

Big or small?

In the video clip Maggie highlights the difference between big and small.De.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: How big / How small

The small boat

Cut out small images of the modes of transport from this level and show the.....

Group photo

Video clip: Maggie and Joe name each of their Spanish friends shown in the .....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: This is ____

Level 6 revision

Tell your child that you are going to mouth words and phrases about transpo.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Day Out

Week 13

Watch the episode (Weather)

Thunder and lighting, sun, rain, wind and snow. All sorts of weather types .....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Weather

Weather dominoes

In the video clip: presentation of the various weather types.Download the w.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Weather types

Hot, hot, hot!

In the video clip Ana Belén reacts to the temperature changes.Hide these i.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: How hot!


Video clip: Juanmi introduces each of the seasons.Mime actions from each of.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Seasons

Week 14


In the video clip Joe points out the continents.Cutting out the continents .....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Continents

It's going to rain

Video clip: Victoriano's weather forecast for Africa!In Spanish the verb 'T.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Weather forecast

Multicolored umbrella

Video clip: watch Maggie opening and closing an umbrella while the backgrou.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Colors

Level 7 revision

Combine the downloaded weather and continent images from earlier activities.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Weather

Week 15

Watch the episode (Game show)

Level 8 features a mix of language presented in a game show starring Dani a.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Game show

Mime the verb

Video clip: Ana Belén asks the contestants what they like. Julia obviously.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: What do you like?


The short video clip introduces the first ordinal number.Your child copies .....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: First

Brothers and sisters

How many brothers and sisters do you have? In the video clip Ana Belén ask.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Brothers and sisters

Week 16

Country flags

Video clip: the contestants have to name that country from the visual clues.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: What country is it?

How many oranges?

Video clip: the next question asks how many oranges are on show.Show one re.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Counting oranges

How are you?

In the video clip Ana Belén asks Julia how she is. Maggie joins in with th.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Hello, how are you?

Level 8 revision

The final activity for this level is commonly known as 'Red light, yellow l.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Game show

Week 17

Watch the episode (Passports)

A 5 minute episode accompanies this level with a passport theme. The theme .....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Passports

A running dictation

Video clip: Joe adopts a new name and introduces himself.On separate pieces.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: I have a cat

Passport control

In the video clip: passport control!Your child may already know the name of.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Interview questions

What have you got?

In the video clip Ana Belén asks the traveller what he has got in his pock.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Big things / smalll things

Week 18

Anything else?

The conversation continues in the video clip.PART TWO. Simply extend the co.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Anything else?

Two boxes

Video clip: big objects go into one box and small objects into another.Your.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: One moment please…

Name that country

In the video clip: the traveller arrives at his destination, Spain.Make thi.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: I am in Spain

Level 9 revision

Do you know the game called 'Corners'? Put single words - learned in this l.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Passports

Week 19

Watch the episode (Shopping)

Level 10's episode is 18 minutes' long and it's all about shopping. So ther.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Shopping

Food labels

In the video clip: Maggie prices up the food items in her shop.PART ONE. Us.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Food items


The video clip shows priced items moving across the screen as if on a conve.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Food prices

Omelette or sandwich?

In the video clip Aitana is deciding what to eat. She chooses a Spanish ome.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Omlette ingredients

Week 20

Red tomatoes

In the video clip Julia is deciding what to eat. She chooses a salad. Down.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Salad ingredients


The video clip shows Aitana talking to Maggie in the shop as she buys the t.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Do you have potatoes?

At the market

In the video clip Aitana, Victoriano and Ana Belén are in the queue and re.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: How much is it?

Level 10 revision

Download the worksheet displaying the food items. Each box has a different .....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Shopping

Week 21

Watch the episode (Animals)

Level 11 is about animals - types of animals, favorite animals, characteris.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Animals

Animal wordsearch

Download the animal wordsearch for your child to complete. Extension Once.....

Favorite animals

Aitana interviews Julia about animals in the video clip.What is your child'.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: What is your favorite animal?

A red elephant?!

Your child colors in the animals (see download) with unlikely colors. Next .....

Week 22

Three Sad Tigers

In the video clip we learn about tigers.A well known Spanish tongue twister.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: The tiger


Video clip: in his interview with Aitana, Victoriano reveals he doesn't lik.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: I don't like snakes

Old McDonald

The classic song "Old McDonald had a Farm" is also available in Spanish. Ch.....

Level 11 revision

Drop a set of small plastic animals into a box, making sure there is a monk.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Animals

Week 23

Watch the episode (Sounds)

Level 12's focus is primarily on musical instruments. In the 12 minute epis.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Sounds


In the video clip Joe shows Maggie how he plays the trumpet. Not brilliantl.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: listen

Name the instrument

In the video clip Joe tries to guess the instrument.PART TWO. Now combine t.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: What instrument has he/she got?

I have got a piano

Video clip: Aitana shows Maggie her piano.Hand your child images of the ins.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: I've got a piano

Week 24

How many guitars?

Maggie's on her guitar again in the video clip.Download the worksheet and t.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: I've got a guitar

Musical mimes

In the video clip Victoriano shows how much he enjoys playing the trumpet.F.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: I like playing the trumpet

Do you like music?

"¿Te gusta la música?" (Do you like music?). Your child will answer "Sí".....

Level 12 revision

Ask your child to draw the five instruments presented in this level. You sh.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Sounds

Week 25

Watch the episode (At home)

This level with an 'at home' theme looks mainly at language presented in pr.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: At home

Spelling rooms

Video clip: Raúl and Katrina are friends of Joe and Maggie. They show us a.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Rooms in my house

Sentence split

The video clip: a series of outtakes precedes Maggie and Katrina finally ke.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: This is my friend

No multiples of three!

Video clip: Joe joins Raúl for a mathematical basketball challenge!Your ch.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Addition and multiplication

Week 26

Joined up mathematics

In the video clip: more basketball mathematics.Write out the numbers in let.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Divisions

Singular and plural

The video clip shows Maggie and Katrina playing a board game.Show images of.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Various objects

The food chain

Video clip: more footage of the board game.In this chain game the question .....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Counting objects

Level 13 revision

Ask your child to stand in front of the board but facing away from it. Writ.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: At home

Week 27

Watch the episode (Fun fair)

Level 14 is built around a 14 minute episode filmed at a Spanish fun fair. .....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Fun fair


Video clip: Juanmi, Joe, Maggie and Aitana at a stall which sells sunglasse.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Sunglasses

An egg with a twist

In the video clip Joe anxiously asks Juanmi what time the fun fair starts.U.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: What time is it going to start?

Lego graph

In the video clip: the fair gets underway and the Spanish children hop into.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Numbers 9 and 28

Week 28

Spanish fans

In the video clip Joe and Aitana are looking happy as they wait for the rid.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Happy

Obstacle course

Video clip: this ride goes in all directions. To the left, to the right, up.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Up / Down

Ice cream match

In the video clip Maggie lends Joe some money and off they all go to buy so.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Ice creams

Level 14 revision

Write on pieces of card a selection of vocabulary from this or any other le.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Fun fair

Week 29

Watch the episode (Birthday)

There's never been a birthday party quite like this one! The episode for le.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Birthday

Happy Birthday banner

In the video clip: Victoriano's friends arrive for his birthday party with .....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Happy Birthday

An optical illusion

Video clip: who is the strongest, Victoriano or Ana Belén? Aitana finds ou.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Strong / Stronger / Strongest


In the video clip: there are ten objects in the shooting gallery and they a.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Cognates

Week 30


In the video clip Victoriano shoots down the objects and Ana Belén congrat.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Great!

Spinning colors

The video clip shows Victoriano throwing hoops of different colors.Your chi.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: What is your favorite color?

Guess what it is

The video clip shows Victoriano with Ana Belén the clairvoyant! She tells .....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: What is it?

Level 15 revision

Combine examples of language from this level in a word chain. Use whichever.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Birthday

Week 31

Watch the episode (Treasure hunt)

Level 16 has a treasure hunt theme and its video episode lasts about 16 min.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Treasure Hunt

How do you spell it?

Video clip: Aitana finds the clue and reads it out. Numbers represent lette.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Letters

Be a flower

The video clip shows Julia reading out the next clue, which ends with quest.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: We are

Ping pong faces

Video clip: the Spanish children find themselves looking for two blue eyes......Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Ping pong faces

Week 32

Changing shapes

Joe reads out the next clue in the video clip. It's about shapes.Show your .....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Shapes

Shared knowledge

In the video clip: the next clue is is relayed to Aitana via walkie talkie......Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Wild animals

House numbers

Video clip: the Spanish children find a door key and a house number to go w.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: House numbers

Level 16 revision

Write out a selection of words from this level and/or previous levels as an.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Treasure Hunt

Week 33

Watch the episode (Restaurant)

With its restaurant theme, Level 17 is mainly about food and drink. The acc.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Restaurant

The menu

In the video clip, Joe and Maggie take a look through the menu.First introd.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Menu items


Video clip: Joe and Maggie place their drinks orders with waitress Ana Bel.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Drinks


In the video clip: there's no orange juice so Joe has to settle for a glass.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: A glass of milk

Week 34

Food numbers

Video clip: the customers order their main course.Elicit six likely main co.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Chicken and chips

Numbers for letters

In the video clip: the customers order ice creams for dessert.Turn letters .....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Ice creams

Restaurant dialogue

Download the worksheet and hand it out to your child. When they have comple.....

Level 17 revision

Here's a dictation with a difference. Spell out food words from this level .....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Restaurant

Week 35

Watch the episode (Sports)

Level 18 is about sports, including football, cycling, darts and a variatio.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Sports

Eliminate the phrase

Video clip: before he goes for a bike ride, Victoriano introduces himself.W.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Do you like riding your bike?

Crossword of the Week

In the video clip: an interview with Victoriano about his love for bike rid.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: On Saturdays and Sundays

Body twisting

Video clip: parts of the body, courtesy of Joe.Are you familiar with the ga.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Body parts

Week 36

Mock conversation

In the video clip Dani introduces himself before he starts soccer - known a.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: I am going to play football

Battle of the sports

Video clip: Joe likes fishing!This activity is based on the well known game.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: I like fishing


In the video clip, some basic mathematics with Maggie the darts player.Writ.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Mathematics

Level 18 revision

Download the suggestions for language content suitable for this activity. Y.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Sports

Week 37

Watch the episode (Magic show)

Level 19, the penultimate level. Magic tricks form the basis of this episod.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Magic show


Video clip: Maggie's meditative movements!For this simple activity you'll n.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Up and down

Fruit in a box

Video clip: there's a fruit in the box but is it a coincidence that Dani ch.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Fruits

Which cup?

In the video clip, Victoriano invites players to guess under which cup the .....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: This one

Week 38

Out of a hat

Joe is the magician in the video clip. His glamorous assistant Maggie is on.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Animals

There is a ____

Maggie shows us what came out of the hat.Show a series of images to your ch.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: There is a _____

Playing cards

Maggie shows Victoriano a card trick.The card revealed at the end of the tr.....

Level 19 revision

The final activity is a two-parter. Part one: cut up ten sentences (see dow.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Magic show

Week 39

Watch the episode (Whodunnit)

Level 20 is a 'whodunnit?' mystery starring all the Spanish children. In th.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Mystery

Likes and dislikes

In the video clip, the burglar selects what he most likes in the toy box.Th.....


In the video clip, Ana Belén returns home to find some of her toys are mis.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Missing items

Flag it up

Video clip: Ana Belén tells the detective what she thinks has been taken f.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: There was ____

Week 40

Guess who

In the video clip, Victoriano is the eyewitness who tries to recall the sus.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Describing people

Have writing practice

Juanmi is the suspect being interrogated in the video clip. But is he the b.....

Have questions

PART TWO. Your child thinks up five questions they could ask you. All the q.....

Level 20 revision

Many different language 'families' have been presented over the course of t.....Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: Mystery

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