Level 4 - Zoo

About this level

A visit to the zoo is the setting for this level, and new vocabulary centres around types of animals. Much of the language used has already been introduced in previous levels, so with some subtle variations in the presented language (such as 'How big!' rather than 'Very big') the children should find this level quite straightforward to grasp.

Learning outcomes in this level

Learning outcomesActivities
I can name various animals
I can issue basic commands
I can ask how many of something there are
I can say how many of something there are
I can describe things in terms of size
I can express hunger and thirst
I can ask what something is
I can say what something is
I can express surprise
I can ask someone if they like a particular thing
I can say how much I like something
I can name various colours
I can say what my favourite colour is
I can ask someone what their favourite colour is
I can form basic questions
I can exclaim

Activities in this level

ActivityTime required
1. Watch the episode (Zoo) 20 - 25 minutes
2. Order the animals 15 - 20 minutes
3. How many animals are there? 20 - 25 minutes
4. Talk to Speekee 15 - 20 minutes
5. Animal maze 20 - 25 minutes
6. I'm hungry / thirsty 10 - 15 minutes
7. Animal names 15 - 20 minutes
8. Animal sounds 15 - 20 minutes
9. Dino and Lupi sketch 20 - 25 minutes
10. How big! How small! 15 - 20 minutes
11. 'I'm not small' song 15 - 20 minutes
12. My favourite colour 10 - 15 minutres
13. Animal guessing game 15 - 20 minutes
14. Elephants! 20 - 25 minutes
15. Spanish culture montage - zoo 10 - 15 minutes
16. Review 'El zoo' 15 - 20 minutes

Key language in this level

¡Qué grande!¡keh grandeh!How big!
¡Qué pequeño!keh pekenyoh!How small!
¡Qué va!keh bah!Of course not!
¿Cuál es tu color favorito?¿kwal ess too collor favohreetoh?What is your favorite colour?
¿Cuántos elefantes hay?¿kwantoss elefantess ay?How many elephants are there?
¿Cuántos leones hay?¿kwantoss leyoness ay?How many lions are there?
¿Cuántos pájaros hay?¿kwantoss pahaross ay?How many birds are there?
¿Es grande?¿ess grandeh?Is it big?
¿Es pequeño?¿ess pekenyoh?Is it small?
¿Es un león?¿ess oon leyonn?Is it a lion?
¿Qué es?¿keh ess?What is it?
¿Te gusta la cebra?¿teh goostah lah thehbrah?Do you like the zebra?
Cuatro elefanteskwahtroh elehfantessFour elephants
Dos pájarosdoss pahahrossTwo birds
Es un caballoess oon kabahyohIt's a horse
Es un leóness oon leyonnIt's a lion
Es un pájaroess oon pah-harohIt's a bird
Mi color favoritomee kolohr fabohreetohMy favourite colour
Sí me gusta muchosee meh goostah moochohYes I like it a lot
Tengo hambretehngoh ahmbrehI'm hungry
Tengo sedtehngoh sethI'm thirsty
Tres leonestress leyohnessThree lions
Un elefanteoon elefahntehAn elephant
Un elefante grandeoon elefahnteh grahndehA big elephant
Un hipopótamooon eepohpotahmohA hippopotamus
Un leónoon leyohnA lion
Un monooon mohnohA monkey
Un mono pequeñooon mohnoh pehkehnyohA small monkey
Un pájarooon paharohA bird
Un tigreoon teegrehA tiger
Una cebraoonah thehbrahA zebra
Una jirafaoonah heerahfahA giraffe
Una jirafa altaoonah heerahfah altahA tall giraffe
Voy al zooboy al thohI'm going to the zoo