Level 11 - Passports

About this level

A 5 minute episode accompanies this level with a passport theme. The theme allows us to concentrate on language such as "Where are you from?", "What's your name?", "What have you got?", "How old are you?"

Learning outcomes in this level

Learning outcomesActivities
I can say what pet animal I have
I can ask someone their age
I can ask someone their name
I can ask someone where they are from
I can say where I am from
I can tell someone my age
I can tell someone my name
I can ask someone what they have got
I can say what I've got
I can ask if there's anything else
I can describe objects as big or small
I can name various countries
I can ask what country it is

Activities in this level

ActivityTime required
1. Watch the episode (Passports) 5 - 10 minutes
2. A running dictation 15 - 20 minutes
3. Passport control 25 - 30 minutes
4. What have you got? 15 - 20 minutes
5. Anything else? 10 - 15 minutes
6. Two boxes 10 - 15 minutes
7. Name that country 15 - 20 minutes
8. Level 11 revision 10 - 15 minutes
9. Review Passports 5 - 10 minutes

Key language in this level

¿Algo más?¿Algoh mass?Anything else?
¿Cómo te llamas?¿kommo teh yammass?What's your name?
¿Cuántos años tienes?¿kwantoss anyoss tee-eness?How old are you?
¿De dónde eres?¿deh dondeh eress?Where are you from?
¿Qué país es?¿keh paheess ess?What country is it?
¿Qué tienes?¿keh tee-eness?What have you got?
Me llamo ____meh yammoh ____My name is ____
Tengo ____ añostehngoh ____ ahnyossI am ____ years old
Tengo un ____tehngoh oon ___I've got a ____
Tengo un gatotehngoh oon gahtohI have a cat
Tengo un hámstertehngoh oon hamstehrI have a hamster
Tengo un perrotehngoh oon pehr-rohI have a dog