Level 10 - Game show

About this level

Level 10 features a mix of language presented in a game show starring Dani and Victoriano against Julia and Maggie. Ana Belén is the host of the show and she has the audience howling with laughter over her unique presenting style!

Learning outcomes in this level

Learning outcomesActivities
I can ask someone their name
I can tell someone my name
I can ask someone their age
I can tell someone my age
I can ask someone what they like
I can say what I like doing
I can use low ordinal numbers
I can ask someone if they like doing a particular thing
I can answer in negative and affirmative
I can state how many brothers and sisters I have
I can ask someone if they have brothers and sisters
I can name various countries
I can name the continents
I can ask someone how they are
I can say how I am
I can ask how many of something there is
I can say how many of something there is
I can say what something is

Activities in this level

ActivityTime required
1. Watch the episode (Game show) 15 - 20 minutes
2. Interviews 15 - 20 minutes
3. Mime the verb 15 - 20 minutes
4. Ordinals 15 - 20 minutes
5. Like it? 15 - 20 minutes
6. Brothers and sisters 15 - 20 minutes
7. Country flags 15 - 20 minutes
8. Which continent? 15 - 20 minutes
9. How many oranges? 15 - 20 minutes
10. How are you? 15 - 20 minutes
11. Level 10 revision 15 - 20 minutes
12. Review Game show 15 - 20 minutes

Key language in this level

¿Cómo te llamas?¿kommo teh yammass?What's your name?
¿Cuántas naranjas hay?¿kwantass naranhass ay?How many oranges are there?
¿Cuántos años tienes?¿kwantoss anyoss tee-eness?How old are you?
¿Cuántos hermanos tienes?¿kwantoss ermanoss tee-eness?How many brothers and sisters have you got?
¿Qué continente?¿keh konteenenteh?Which continent?
¿Qué tal?¿keh tal?How are you?
¿Qué te gusta?¿keh teh goostah?What do you like?
¿Te gusta bailar?¿teh goostah bylahr?Do you like dancing?
¿Te gusta jugar al fútbol?¿teh goostah hoogar al fuutboll?Do you like playing football?
¿Te gusta jugar al tenis?¿teh goostah hoogar al tehneess?Do you like playing tennis?
¿Te gusta jugar?¿teh goostah hoogar?Do you like playing?
¿Te gusta pintar?¿teh goostah peentar?Do you like painting?
Es una naranjaess oonah nahrahnhahIt's an orange
Hay dos naranajasay doss narahnhassThere are two oranges
Me gusta bailarmeh goostah bylahrI like dancing
Me gusta jugarmeh goostah huugahrI like playing
Me gusta jugar al fútbolmeh goostah huugahr al fuutbollI like playing football
Me gusta pintarmeh goostah peentahrI like painting
Me llamo ____meh yammoh ____My name is ____
Muy bienmwee beeyennGreat
Muy bienmwee beeyennVery well
Muy bienmwee beeyennWell done
No muy biennoh mwee beeyennNot very well
Reino Unidoreheenoh ooneedohUnited Kingdom
Tengo ____ añostehngoh ____ ahnyossI am ____ years old
Tengo un hermanotehngoh oon ehrmahnohI have a brother
Tengo una hermanatehngoh oonah ehrmahnahI have a sister