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'Do you have a bottle of water?' in Spanish

Lesson plan from Speekee Spanish Scheme of Work including Spanish language 'Do you have a bottle of water?'. One of 398 activities. Free trial available.

With the Speekee® Spanish Scheme of Work, children gain accurate pronunciation and intonation through immersion in Spanish language. They develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills using appropriate Spanish language and grammar.

Level 24 - Magic show

This is activity 5 of 6 in Level 24 - Magic show. About this level

This is one activity out of 398 in the Speekee Spanish Scheme of Work. To get access to the full scheme of work, click here for a free trial.

5. Level 24 revision

 25 - 30 minutes


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This is a two-part activity. Cut up ten sentences (see download) and put them into envelopes. Arrange the children into pairs and give an envelope to .............

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