About ¡Hola Speekee!

¡Hola Speekee! is our 10-week series of free Spanish lessons for children at home.

  • A free 10-week program with activities for three different age groups: up to 7 years, 7 to 9 years and 9-11 years
  • There is 1 theme per week
  • Free Spanish lesson plans which are easy for you to follow
  • Free Spanish videos with real Spanish children in real Spanish locations
  • Free Spanish audio clips to perfect pronunciation
  • Free Spanish games and activities for children to complete alone or with family members
  • Free Spanish printables to complement each lesson plan
  • No registration, login or payment is required

Over the 10 weeks you will cover the following 10 themes:

Greetings. Numbers. Days / Months. Age. Colours. Animals. Family. Food. Likes and dislikes. Hobbies.

1Greetings2Numbers3Days and months4Age5Colours6Animals7Family8Food9Likes and dislikes10Hobbies


Activity 1

Watch this video - it’s a bit longer than the other ones you’ve seen, but you’ll see loads of animals in it! Listen out for any that you already know, and when you’ve watched it, practise saying them - plus any new ones that you learn.

Since there’s so many, here’s a table of the animals mentioned in the video, plus a few more, to help you:

Language in this activity

Un hipopótamooon eepohpotahmohA hippopotamus
Un leónoon leyohnA lion
Un monooon mohnohA monkey
Un elefanteoon elefahntehAn elephant
Un perrooon pehr-rohA dog
Un caballooon kahbahyohA horse
Una serpienteoonah sehrpeeyentehA snake
Un lorooon lohrohA parrot
Una ranaoonah rahnahA frog

Wow! There’s a lot to remember there. Don’t worry if you can’t learn them all at once, maybe for now you can just learn the ones from the activity sheets that you’ll complete in this section. Here’s one to print out. If you don’t have a printer, you can draw your own animals and complete the activity on some paper.

Activity 2

For this activity, it’ll help to watch some of the video again, from about 11:52 - 12:02. Listen to how Aitana asks Dani ‘What is your favourite animal?’ and how Dani responds with ‘My favourite animal is…’.

Here’s a table to help you:

Language in this activity

¿Cúal es tu animal favorito?¿kwal ess too aneemahl favohreetoh?What is your favorite animal?
Mi animal favorito es ____mee aneemahl fabohreetoh ess ____My favorite animal is ____

Find a partner to practise with - take it in turns asking and replying.

When you’ve had a go at that, you can print off and complete the activity sheet, just follow the instructions on there. If you don’t have a printer, just copy out and fill in the sheet on some paper.


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