About ¡Hola Speekee!

¡Hola Speekee! is our 10-week series of free Spanish lessons for children at home.

  • A free 10-week program with activities for three different age groups: up to 7 years, 7 to 9 years and 9-11 years
  • There is 1 theme per week
  • Free Spanish lesson plans which are easy for you to follow
  • Free Spanish videos with real Spanish children in real Spanish locations
  • Free Spanish audio clips to perfect pronunciation
  • Free Spanish games and activities for children to complete alone or with family members
  • Free Spanish printables to complement each lesson plan
  • No registration, login or payment is required

Over the 10 weeks you will cover the following 10 themes:

Greetings. Numbers. Days / Months. Age. Colours. Animals. Family. Food. Likes and dislikes. Hobbies.

1Greetings2Numbers3Days and months4Age5Colours6Animals7Family8Food9Likes and dislikes10Hobbies


Activity 1

The video shows us eleven colours, which is your favourite?

Try saying them all in Spanish. You can try to roll the ‘R’ sound on rosa too - though don’t worry if you can’t, it’s quite difficult! Here’s all the colours from the video to help you practise:

Language in this activity


There’s quite a few to get your head round, so don’t worry if you can’t learn them all at once, just try a few at a time! Once you’re happy with them, print out the activity sheets and follow the instructions on there. If you don’t have a printer, just copy out and fill in the sheets on some paper.

If you have paint or crayons at home, you could even try mixing them yourself and write the colours underneath in Spanish when it’s dry (if you are using paint).







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